DAVEGA X Updates

See above.

Unless his e-commerce platform has an option for something like that already available, or he is willing to pay for a pluggin to accomplish this, he would have to make it himself, taking time and effort away from his value-producing work.


Check out the WooCommerce Attribute Stock plugin. I use that on my site and it works well to track the stock of parts used across product variations. It sets the stock level of each variation to the same as the part you have least stock of.


That sounds like a lifesaver. I’ll check it out. Thanks a lot for the tip! :+1:


Ooooh! I just spent a few hours playing with the plug-in and this is the best plug-in ever!

Also, throughout my experiments I discovered that when defining product variations, I don’t need to be an idiot and have a variation for every single combination of attributes, but I can put things like “any cable length”, “any cable connector”, etc as long as the attribute doesn’t affect price, product picture or any other critical parameter. So I should be able to reduce my 56 assembled DAVEGA X product variations to 7. This, combined with the plug-in will be a ground-braking improvement to my stock management. Thanks again for the tip @Ricco.

Now I just to figure out how to transition to the new system without driving any customer trying to place their order crazy. :sweat_smile:


Just schedule a down time with a banner on top of the site or something like that :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I’m working on an adapter for the Kaly boards, which don’t use the standard truck bolt pattern and thus the DAVEGA baseplates don’t work.

Here’s what the prototype looks like:

The idea is you use it as an adapter for the angled baseplate that gets attached to the M5 threaded holes using short M5 countersunk bolts:

Then everything aligns perfectly.

Alternatively, the adapter can be used as a baseplate and the housing is attached to the M3 threaded holes (photos credit Fredrik Jouper):

Then there’s a little bit of a misalignment since the profile of the bottom side of the angled baseplate is different from the profile of the top side (and the housing). It’s not too bad though.

Also, the adapter is not flush with the deck so it would be better to move the holes so that it sits lower. That’s unfortunately not so easy to achieve though. If moved by 2mm the top M3 holes get in the way of the truck bolts:

I could move them just 1mm. That may still not be perfect but would be slightly better.

Or, I could get rid of the M3 holes completely. Then it can only be used as an adapter for the angled baseplate but there would be more flexibility in positioning.

I’m leaning towards the former. Any thoughts on this?

Also, are there any Kaly board owners with a DAVEGA and a 3D printer out there who would be willing to help me test fitting next iterations? :pray:


I dont have a kaly so I have no skin in the game, but I would say it’s better to have the option to use it without the angled baseplate. I use my DavegaX flat on the 30 degree tip of my Haero Bro, and I like it at that angle.

@SeanHacker, help a brotha’ out.


I gotchu boo :kiss:


I think Sean has the Kaly deck but he uses it with the hypertrucks, not the Kaly trucks.

If they use the trampa truck layout I have those too.

I’m actually moving everything from LoveDick over to a Haero Bro deck today or tomorrow. So I can have the Kaly deck and trampa truck setup for use if that helps.

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Unfortunately the Kaly truck pattern is slightly different from the Trampa truck pattern. I need someone with the Kaly trucks.

I appreciate the offer anyway!

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Ah bummer. No worries at all dude.

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Oh nooo, are Davegas OOS? Might have missed an update here.

Only the purple housings and 125cm cables are OOS. The cables should arrive in a few days. The purple housings won’t be available before September/October.


Ahhhh I need the 125, so that makes sense. Will wait, thanks :slightly_smiling_face:




Ahahaha, but yea I’m blind.


125cm cables are back in stock. @Taraskasyanyuk


You have any pictures of the Haero Bro with the angled baseplate? Debating whether I want the flat or angled :thinking:


(why not both)

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