Cutout on flipsky vesc 6.6

Today I had a cutout of my vesc, when I was climbing uphill. Motor temps were normal. I had no cutouts until to this point. Idk, what happened.

What kinda battery and setting you running?

I’m running 40 battery amps and 60 motor amps

I am pretty sure you had undervoltage cutout. I have those too when the battery is kinda low and I throttle hard quickly. Not a hardware fault.

Basically the battery voltage drops rapidly and goes below the 3.0 volts limit of vesc momentarily. The solution is to increase the throttle slowly so that vesc realizes that it is going into low voltage mode and limits the max current.

Or use a battery with lots of cells in parallel that the sag is minimal.

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I’m running on lipos

If you have metr pro installed, you can see it in action.

Lipos or not, all cells have extreme sag when the battery is on the low side.

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Have one :smile:

Yeah then have your phone out and try to throttle hard on an incline. You should see the low voltage warning when it cutsout.

I thought, espeacially lipo’s have minimal sag as some li-Ion cells do

Yeah, better than liions for sure, when the battery is new.

BTW, does.this happen when battery is full?.Try it. If not, then the problem is the one that I mentioned above.

I was on 85% , when this happened. I pushed the throttle hard with 40 battery amps actually.
btw. 6S2P is my configuration and my cutoff is 3.3V.

What type of lipos? What’s their capacity / discharge rating?

Two zippy flightmax 3s 5 Ah 20C in series and a Turnigy 20C 6s 5 Ah in parallel