Curious battery voltage reading

Measured the 12p groups. All measure 3.7V with my multimeter. Measuring at the XT60 is 45.8V however, I don’t know how that can be.

12s4p molicel p42a

You were measuring 3.70V for each p-group?
If not then could they be up near 3.79V or something like that?

Do you have a (relatively) fresh battery in the meter? Readings get wonky with a low battery.

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What multimeter brand is it. The cheap $2 meters have awful accuracy across the different ranges.

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Cheap 15€ one. Battery is not fresh. Surely it’s a measurement error then, yeah…



The meter is accurate to one decimal place, so it just read 3.7V

Get a Fluke or SnapOn

Ahh….okay, you might have much less of a problem than you think. A better meter would be a great investment IMO. It wouldn’t cost much and would easily pay for itself with the peace of mind you would have knowing the actual voltage of your pack and cells. :slightly_smiling_face: