Crash protectors

I’m after some crash protectors the ones that fit on the front and rear of the board are there any good ones out there thanks

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You mean bash guards for your nose and tail? There are some that you can buy that are universal and act like tape. Like these:

But some people have made 3D printed bash guards that look better than those and might offer a bit more protection.

yes crash guards thank you

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Yeah these are good, I had them on my main board and they lasted about 6 or 8 months each of constant abrasions from setting my board on concrete. However, they absolutely demolish the griptape around where they’re attached to.

For my new board I made some 3D printed ones so I don’t have to deal with the griptape abrasion. I’ve seen a few linked here in the forum from others too, might be worth a look.

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