Conservative VESC settings

In need of conservative settings for my build. Only got the cut off start 35v, end 32v
My build consists of.

  • 2x Turnigy 5000mAh 5S 25C Lipo
  • FSESC4.20 mini
  • Single Flipsky 6374 battle hardened 190KV 3500w(sensored)
  • Daly 10s 20A bypass
  • 110mm wheels
    5M 36T wheel pulley
    5M 15T motor pulley
    5M 290 12MM belt

i used to have a similar setup

Battery min -20a (this is max regen current (max braking power at 95% duty cycle, so keep this in mind at higher speeds that your brakes wont be as strong as at low speed))

Battery max 35a (the vesc 4 cant really take more than that)

Motor max 80a (this is probs the most the FS6374 can take)

Motor Min -65a (if you find the brakes too strong, lower this to like -50a or something)


Battery max 25A
Battery min -15A
Motor max (as high as it will work at, maybe 80A or higher if you can)
Motor min -70A
Absolute maximum current 150A
Duty Cycle Current Limit Start 85%
Duty Cycle Maximum 95%

Also get a 40T, 42T, or 44T wheel pulley :smirk:

32V end is way too low for 10S lipo imho


Whats the effect when using a stronger battery and set battery max to 80A
whilst the Motor max is just set to 30A ?
Should be no problem, right? As long as the battery can deliver.

Battery amps will never exceed motor amps just due to the way duty cycle works, so if your motor amps are set to 25A the battery will never draw more than 25A anyways.

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Setting you motor max way higher than you battry makes the remote very agesive the with the first 1/4 then as battry max limit kick in the last 3/4 of movement will do almost nothing.

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thanks, it was just for myself to check if i got it somehow :joy: :pray: :handshake:

recommended to down the erpm from 100,000 to 60,000 to help conserve the vesc, is this necessary

All that does is make the ESC cut out above 60kERPM instead of cut out above 100kERPM

If you don’t exceed that speed, it doesn’t matter, and if you do exceed that speed, then it means you loose throttle and brakes until you slow down some other way.

You should be fine leaving those settings at the defaults and not changing them.

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If you set the battery limit to 80a per motor and the motor limit to 30a per motor, then the highest the battery current will ever be is 95% of 30a which is 28.5a. That’s because the max duty cycle of a vesc is 95%.