Connect and flash nrf module with focbox

Hey guys, I watched benjamins video on how to flash the nrf blemodule. I cant find these ports at the focbox. Someone did that before? Thanks!

@Trampa you guys maybe know?

Get a st link flash it and then connect via uart port. Iam correct here?

The focbox does not have the SWD port.
I don’t know why they made it this way (cost saving comes to mind).
What I do know is that when I bricked my focbox and I had to connect an st-link, I had to solder pins on a silicone covered area of the PCB, where the SWD was supposed to go.
It was a pain in the ass then and it will be a pain in the ass for you if you need the uart port.


so how I get bt at my focbox work back :joy::joy: does noe thr hm and nrf module dont work anymore or what?

What exactly is the problem you have?

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I want bluetooth back on my focbox. The hm10 module is no longer supported. I bought the nrf51822 module now. Benjamin shows in a youtube video how to flash with a vesv6 over swd port so make it ready to use it with the vesc. I dont have these ports on the focbox.

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You have 3 choices.

  1. Flash a previous FW and get your HM10 usability back
  2. Solder a SWD port on the PCB
  3. Find another vesc to use just to flash you NRF
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ok if found out :smiley:

It’s the SWD port that is missing on the F-Box.
That was a really bad idea design wise. In consequence you need to solder cables to the PCB to get access to SWD when needed. When you brick the Box, it just makes life a bit more painful then it already is…
Flashing NRF51822 doesn’t work via ST-link BTW. That’s why we implemented a SWD PROG feature in VESC-Tool.

If you need a BLE dongle, just buy a pre-flashed dongle. It’s probably the most convenient way forward.


Oh, I meant SWD port. This is the one you need to program the NRF.
The UART is there.
My bad.

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jeah Ive watched the pcb (have enouh here) and I will attach these wires. to get my focbox out of my water resist enclosure is more work than that itself :joy::joy: Thanks for the info! Is vcc=3.3v? Cant find vcc there on the pcb.

Yes, vcc is 3.3v


Get a header and plug in the st link, either solder it on or like I did keep it pressed in at a slight angle when uploading…10s of holding. Problem? Rinse and repeat

That is not true. @seaborder You can use a ST-LinkV2 like it is also used to flash the STM32F405 chip on VESC controllers.

Because you already bought the nRF51822 module I would use that one and not buy a pre-flashed one like @Trampa recommend. But if you want to buy a new one also consider the Metr Pro module with all its benefits. (Trampa style shamless plug :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

So after flashing that with Benjamin’s upcoming FW releases it still works with the Metr APP, VESC Tool and Remotes?