CNC footstops for sell

Hey, all.

Introduce my first batch adjustable CNC footstop, 100 units totally. PM me if anyone interested.

looking for 40 USD (postage fee not included)

Available raw & anodized black, red, green
All miled by Al6061-t6, sandblasted, anodized (excepted raw)
come with hardware, everything.

for more update, please follow


Why do they say ‘N’?




Ean is kind of like when you sound out “N”


:rofl::rofl:, it is a slang in Chinese…check out the video I posted on Instagram, you’ll see.


N stand for Newbee & n in My name.

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How do you like that footstop?


Love it!

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Pretty fuckin cool actually IMO

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So you put your name on every customer’s board?

That’s like that shitty master tattoo artist tv show where the guy puts the time he was born into any clock he inks on a client.

It’s not even subtle lol

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That are not just my name🤦‍♂️
it is my workshop name, and brand :zipper_mouth_face:

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Yeah idk, if my name was Bob and i put a giant B on every product i made it better be a damn good product otherwise you’re kinda just an asshole. Even if my company is Bob Incorporated. Nothing personal

It adds nothing to the form or function. Now if you widened the letter ‘N’ so it was Incorporated into those slots on either side, it would serve a purpose, be subtle, and look better

people can rather choose don’t buy it & I freaking love my “N” not just putting N on footstop, I also did N on my gear drive, hubs.


Or any brand name logo…


Yeah and the people who buy a GUCCI bag because it says the brand in huge letters rather than the quality products who don’t ostentatiously plaster their logo all over their product have a certain reputation.

Esk8 is not really the place to aim for style over function lol

Of course you do. That answers that question

I mean i think you’re making a pretty weird fucking argument when the dude just designed something with his logo in it. I don’t see why you’re ripping him, it’s literally the only cnc quality adjustable foot stop I’ve ever seen, and his logo actually looks pretty slick IMO


This isn’t some designer capitalist BS, it’s an independent vender selling a quality product for a reasonable price


I guess I should take my fox off every battery I make too? Apparently that’s too much these days?


Ok, let me spell it out the idea for you. Any brand who prioritizes their own logo over the function of a product is suspect (see Ed Hardy, Gucci, Armani, really any pretend high fashion brand) . Universal truth. Obviously the dude fucking loves his N. Cool. Might be a great product, might be he sacrificed quality to force fit that giant N into that spot.

Ask yourself if any of the other products you know are high quality in esk8 do the same?

Landyatchz has a boring ass off-black lettered font in their griptape. Rayne and Trampa don’t carve their name through their decks.

@Zachtetra you don’t arrange your packs in a Z just to better your marketing. If he used a sticker i wouldn’t have said a word.

There’s an obvious difference. Don’t act like there’s not.