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Cleanup sale (uk)

I need to make space and stop hoarding what i’ll never use again so here it goes

Boardnamics hangers: (both sold now)
One brand spanking new, never even mounted: £35
One reasonably used, dents around the pivot point: £20
I have 4 spare fixed axles to go with them as well (not shown)

Steel pulleys:
17T - one has the flange bent and a 1.5mm key head stuck in it, the other is overall rusty, free with any reasonable order
18T - both in good condition, used them around 3 weeks, £5 for the pair
20T - same as above, but only used 1 week

D596 12s discharge bms: 80A discharge bms if i recall correctly, pure aids for space, i cut the wires at any length i saw fit so every wire needs redoing and you’ll need to source a wiring diagram for it as well. £8

Chubby riptide barrel, slightly too soft for me £3

10x10mm nylon washers. Got machined steel ones now, £1

Venom tall barrel and cone 90A duro. £3

Murdered bn220 hanger, 2 long dickyho mounts, cross brace, and 2 idlers:
Believe it or not the mounts only have a dent each where they normally meet the curbs going down. Everything will be cleaned if there’s any interest. £25 for the set

Vx2 remote, gave it to someone brand new and he tried to slide with my board, not nice. £25 (reserved)

Xtar charger, fits up to 26650 batteries (so both 18650’s and 21700). Takes usb power. Brand new £10

Sold items

10x60mm shoulder bolts. These are for the bn270 only if you put wheels with default bearing sets (meaning 6-7mm bearings and one 10mm spacer plus a washer on each end). These will not fit any extra bearings beyond that length. I’ll include as many 10x1mm washers as you need. £4 for the set (sold)

30Q cells, roughly 100 cycles on them, p1 at 3.12v, rest except the last group at 3.43~3.36. last 3 cells at 0.00v and will be scrapped. £0.5 each, uk only (sold)

Messy battery, 12s4p vtc6 with daly bms, double layer welded nickel and soldered over. For obvious safety reasons everything will be desoldered down to p groups before shipping. Cells performed excellent until i received my upgrade but can’t ask for more than £30 for this mess. Uk only. (Reserved)

And, that was it for now. I have loads of other small stuff that’s not worthy of even a picture to post here. If you settle for something here, have a chat with me, i might have other things you want that i need to get rid of.


dont mind taking the battery to mess around with
pm incoming

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Oh no


nah resolder and might use for a different project

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What size are the boardnamics? Have you got more photos of the damage?


Used one here. Mounting area and bushing seat dents, rest just wax smudges and aluminium dust
Both are bn220. Meaning 22cm wide before axles. Axles stick out roughly another 5cm each


Boardnamics hangers reserved

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Someone put in paint a board with ridiculously loose belts somewhere in the shot and it’s complete


Calling meme master and artist @xsynatic


Lol he did it
@Halbj613 hope the photo is not a true representation of your house anytime soon


Used hanger almost sold. New hanger up for dibs

hopefully not


12s4p vtc6 pack reserved

best i could do so quickly…

damn that looks shit :smiley:


@Halbj613 why won’t it pull


well rome wasnt built in a day
im sure if you put all your effort in this week and do nothing else you could do even better


Both boardnamics hangers sold

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I’ll take the shoulder bolts and the 30q’s if they are still available.


Sure thing. I’ll pm you