"City Speedster" | Dual 6364 190kv | 12s4p p42a | LY Evo SS

Just starting the thread for my main build as my enclosure just arrived, and I’m just missing my vesc and am yet to build my battery, but all specs will be listed down below.

This name is temporary. PLEASE help me chose a name. In the future, I’d feel bad for my child(ren) because I’m not gonna be able to choose a good name for them :stuck_out_tongue:

Gonna put spoiler tags on everything to reduce clutter

Part list

Deck - LY Evo Spectrum 40" (@Skyart)
Enclosure - Eboosted SS (@eBoosted)
Battery - 12s4p p42a (With the help of @jack.luis, not yet built)
BMS - LTT Smart BMS (@Skyart)
ESC - MakerX GO-FOC DV6 (New)
Trucks - TB Caliber style trucks (@abusfullofnuns)
Motor mounts - TB AT Kit mounts (@abusfullofnuns)
Motors - 2x Haggy HY6364 190kv (@ReliantChris)
Wheels - TB 160mm pneumatics or 120mm purple cloud wheels (Craigslist)
Bearings - Zealous on the TB 160 and the included ones on the cloud wheels.
Remote - flipshit vx1, will switch to a puck when I decide my safety is worth more than the $150 pricetag lol


This is gonna be really tight

Build Log

Starting the build with building the battery and mounting the trucks. Here’s a picture of what both look like right now.

The enclosure is going to be tight, but I think I’ll make it work. If the BMS can just fit on top of the pack, it should be perfect. I’d hate to end with extra cells if I have to go with a 10s4p.


Reserving this because people do that


This is gonna be very tight


Thinking of getting custom printed griptape that’s just a picture of dababy… it would be funny, right?


This is gonna be just fine my guy. I’ve done tighter
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

As for the griptape, it is funny, but not timeless. Hopefully your board outlives the meme


I wanted to make 4P but got chicken it wouldn’t fit, cant wait to see the finished product!

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Key word


Because I have no dignity I will be mounting my old Samsung galaxy s7 to the front instead of paying for a davega because yeah. I will have the vesc tool app connected to my vesc over BT.

the screen of my s7 is also cracked :rofl: