Choosing a single motor for your battery pack

Hello everyone,
This noob question was probably asked before but I couldn’t find it in this specific way.

I’m building my first electric longboard and I’m at the point of choosing my motor. I’ve decided going for a single motor build and I was just about to get the 6374 190kv from Flipsky,until I saw they also have a 6384 190kv motor.

So my question is if I should get the more powerful one… The reason I’m not sure is because I have a 10s3p battery pack and not sure if it gives me enough power to take advantage of the 6384 motor or will it just be as good as the 6374 in my case.

Not sure if that also effects the decision but I’ll be using a Vesc 4.12.

Thank you for your help :grin:


So that’s all about the reality of your battery pack : what cells are in it ? So you can have the max discharge and then choose a motor accordingly taking in consideration the limit of the 4.12 50 amps !

Thank you for your response.
basically, I bought a battery pack from aliexpress. I know most recommended the samsung q30 but I went a little cheaper for the first time :sweat_smile: .
I’m not exactly sure about the max discharge. maybe you could understand it better from the product specifications :

Model: AED-369600
Cell type: AED-32P(MH1 3.2Ah)
Cell count: 30 pieces(10S3P)
Nominal voltage: 36V
Charge voltage: 42V
Typical capacity: 9.6Ah/345Wh
Minimum capacity: 8.6Ah/309Wh
Rated power: 600Watt
BMS rated current: 20A discharge and 5A charge
BMS function:Overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, short circuit protection.
Connector: XT60 for discharge and DC5521 for charge
Package: heat shrinkable PVC, random color
Output voltage range: 28V-42V
Discharge cut-off voltage: 28V
Charge cut-off voltage: 42V
Charge method: CC-CV
Max. Charge current: 5A
Charge temperature: 0-45 ° C
Discharge temperature: -10-60 ℃
Storage temperature: -20-45 ° C (3 months)
Cycle life: 80% DOD after 500 cycles
Size: 285 * 70 * 40 mm(±3mm)
Weight: 1500g(±50g)

Thanks again.

Tldr for people below:
Chinese cell 10s3p
BMS discharge 20A cont.
Claimed 345Wh

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With a pack like that its clear you wont be able to use the motor to its full potential, no matter if its 6374 or 6384, probably 635x is too much. The biggest reason for going to a bigger motor is the fact that you have better braking performance, and this is especially important on a single drive setup.


I’m riding a single 5065 180kv right now.

A single 6374 or 6384 will do well in everything except driving traction lol (actual ground traction is greater with a singe drive however)

A lot of the packs on Ali use the same LG/samsung clone cell actual capacity tested in my littokala 500 charger is 1400 to 1600mah about half what they claim. Discharge rate was also much lower than stated. You better off powering your esk8 with a potato with two nails in it.


I tried going for a product with high rating and the comments stated that they measured the capacity and it matches what was stated. But I guess you can never fully trust that.

I’ll just hope for the best with these batteries…

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You’re best outcome is 20A battery output. That’s 400W/motor. So like, slower than a cheap, Chinese hub-motor board.

According to what you say, it won’t be able to even carry me with these batteries.

Do you think there’s even a point to try building with the current batteries?

I bought a pack off aliexpress once, the cells were rusted and shit. Supriiiiiseeeeee, they did work for a longass time though.

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Yes, get the biggest motor possible. This not only helps braking performance a lot, but at lower speeds when your battery current isn’t maxed-out, it will feel much better.


i second this. bigger motor means less heat and more motor amps which means more low end torque, irrelevant of your max battery current.


Now you’ve given me a little bit of hope haha
So I’ll get the 6384 190kv and hope for the best