😱 chEapSKATE chEapSink $30

Hola my friends. During my search for a better factory and better pricing, the old place decided to make my heatsinks before giving me a price, and with the incorrect files. They made the parts completely wrong and more importantly, before I said go ahead and make them. On a more happy note, all products (that are not made in house) are now being made at the place that is doing the InfinityHubs.

Back to the chEapSink. I got the incorrect units from the factory at a discounted price. People recommended I fix them, and sell them as the regular unit, but there would still be some oddities and it just doesn’t feel right.

I went ahead and made some adjustments to make them usable. They work perfectly with the Unity/Xenith, and will work with the stormcore using fewer screws. I feel like 30 bucks is a fair price that will allow more people to utilize heatsinks in their builds. I’ve got forty pieces that are ready to be shipped.


@Paul77 just in case you don’t want my extra black one


Wait so what exactly is wrong with them? They don’t fit the stormcore?

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Love this project.

I just got a 1" thick piece of cast aluminum in the mail today so I can try routing it by hand with a beefy Bosch router and some end mills. Going to try 3d printing jigs/fixtures to make it easier.

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They’re supposed to fit trampa vesc, focbox, etc

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negative. This is the mini version.

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What is wrong is that the ESCs will not be perfectly centered, there is no anodize, they have to be installed in a different manor than the regular, and I think the stormcore might require the use of 3 screws instead four (don’t have an SC, so who ever gets one can let us know the verdict).


1 inch is pretty thick lol. Also just curious why you purchased cast?


Cast is ultra flat. Much flatter than extruded. Yes, thick, I want to mill most of it away. Well, at least half.

Good looking out, but I dig the black!

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Do these also fit your topmount box? 150mm opening

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Negative. I could see about making one tho.

These are much smaller, I will dimensions up when I get a chance ( too much home work!!!)

Cast is just more stable, thus will likely to stay flat, but you gotta get it flat first.

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I was referring to something like Mic6 tooling plate. I guess it’s precision ground.

Got more of these?

I bought one two months ago, but it took him a month and many angry emails to ship it out. Ended up getting it powder coated


Ahhhhh damn, i was afraid of that. It took 3 months until i cancelled my x-brace order, and a week until I had a better set from elsewhere.

Thanks for the heads up!