Cheap Pneumatic Conversion

I’d like to swap my thane wheels for pneumatic tires.

I’m using Cal 2 10" trucks and a single 6374 motor. I’d like to spend as little as possible while still being happy with the result. I looked into dickyho F0 tires, but I’m not sure if everything will fit on the trucks.

If anyone has any insight, please help!

Edit: I should mention I’m using a vanguard deck, will wheelbite will be an issue with my current setup?

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Your gonna need tires, tubes, hubs, gears, belts and maybe new motor mounts depending on what you have now because they might not be long enough to support the larger gear sizes. The problem with changing over without spending around $300 to $500 bucks is that you will run into clearance issues with cheaper hubs like mbs. It’s not impossible though, just hard to pull off.

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