Charger wont charge please help (SOLVED)

My 12s charger wont charge or maybe the problem is on the battery side… Board works and i see no problem on my bms app. But when i plug charger it wont charge.

There is a green and red led even if not connected to board:

Here is some info written on charger:

Fuse of the charger is still good.

Is there any test i could do? Would it help to open charger case? Should i get another charger?

Thank you for your help!

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Is the charge port disconnected on the board? Check for continuity issues

Just a heads up your binding is on backwards. More comfy and easier to ratchet it with it on the outside too


That’s normal, the red LED is a power indicator and the green LED is indicating that the charge is “done” (not putting out current)

Honestly sounds like a wiring/connector/BMS issue, not a charger issue. I have the same type of charger for my ebike and it works great.

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Thanks guys doe your hints! I found the problem:

The fuse is burnt.


Give it a kiss and tell it thank you before you throw it away. It could have been much worse without it.