Change of plans, things must go | Washington, USA

Time to sell some stuff that I won’t be using for some builds I had planned. I can’t stand seeing the R6 trucks sitting idle so time for them to find a new home. Also got some other stuff.

Radium R6 Trucks ($400 shipped in the US)
10 x 48 mm / Medium Bushings/ Motor Mounts
originally bought for my Sidewinder build but went with 3links instead

IDEA Baseplates for 3-link Stooge AXLE KIT
($150 shipped in the US)
Unfortunately, my deck doesn’t have the clearance with a double stack to run these

SKP 18s 9a charger (used $69 shipped in US)
Works perfect, just an extra that’s not being used.

Will add more stuff as time goes on


R6 you say :thinking:


you still got the R6 trucks?

yes i do, nothing from this thread has been sold yet

Do you know the max size motor the R6 trucks could accommodate? Im assuming 6485 like on their mach one

that is correct. the hangars are the same as the mach 1


Just curious why you didn’t use them on your sidewinder build? Was there not enough clearance? I planned on getting a tomiboi odashi with a DS enclosure and use these R6 trucks with the Radium 125mm wheels…

there was enough clearance, i just decided to go with 3links instead. idk if you’ll have the clearance you’ll want on that setup unless all your roads are super smooth. i may also be taking the trucks down cause the race team needs it for one of our boards.


Really eyeing those idea baseplates…


Me too. :slight_smile:


Welp i’ve blown two esc’s in the span of 24hrs so uhhh please buy my shit to help me pay for new esc’s :joy: