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CGT Lags to Eco on Full Charge

Hey Guys,
I recently sold a Evolve CGT, and the new owner reported problems that night. The board tested fine on a ~8 mile ride, prior to sale, paired with a R2 remote. The buyer chose to purchase with the GT/R1 remote (which had not been used for ~1 year). After questionable pairing and on/off order, the board is now lagging from gt (or fast), to eco, on a full charge. The battery recovers indicated charge percentage normally, and “tops up”/ charges normally, but still continually drops to eco from both “GT” and “fast” modes, while fully charged as soon as a full acceleration is demanded. Remote & board have been re-paired, multiple times, with no improvement. Board is ~3 years old with less than 40 charges, and is in 100% stock AT config. Any ideas idea on the problem/solution?

The CGT is kinda garbage, this is expected behaviour. how much does he weigh and how much do you weigh?

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We’re both ~220lbs.

Hmm, well as I said its kind of expected behaviour. Things like overtightened belts can make this worse but its more likely hes pushing it up hills or hotter climate etc. Its not unusual for the poor quality batteries in the cgt to act like this

The belts are fine. Apologies if I wasn’t clear. Something happened, suddenly, after the remotes were switched. No comments about the 4+ year old CGT design are needed-we all know we can buy better boards now-just a question of money. I’m just trying to help the guy get the board operating like it was, before we switched remotes.

Hmm, it could just be a faulty remote?

True. The R2 remote was offered with the board for a $50 upcharge, but he didn’t want the dead man switch (even though I told him it could be turned off).