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Case of dangerous Turnigy GT2B transmitter failure

My Turnigy GT2B transmitter sends wrong throttle signal to receiver.

I used 6 Turnigy/Fly Sky GT2B in the past and it’s the first time I have an issue.

Today, when putting the transmitter ON, my dual APS 80100 build has raised chaos in my house.

Full throttle!! :scream:

Brake works, and all the mess stops when putting the transmitter OFF. It’s no a fail safe problem. I also checked TH REV and TH TRIM.

I tried to change the receiver, and it didn’t change anything. The same with trying to setup input with VESC-Tool several times. I just changed the transmitter and everything is OK now.

That transmitter was almost new and never hit the floor.

Now I remember some strange behaviours on latest days. When releasing the trigger, I sometimes had short and light unexplained accelerations.

I will open the transmitter to see inside on next days.

I report that here for safety concerns.


Sure you don’t have the right PPM settings? If it’s on PID or something it will default to running

Sure. Binding a new transmitter without changing VESC settings fixed the problem.

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Yikes, well I’m glad you found a solution. No crash or injury right?

Check your throttle potentiometer. They are open sided. Easy to disassemble too.


Same thing here, was working well for plenty of months and all of a sudden its gone to shit

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That was not the problem.

No, but I am lucky it has gone wrong on starup!


Check the wipers of the pot, please. :slight_smile:

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I have renewed the soldering job of this antenna and now everything works fine!


Makes me want to open up my GT2B and check its solder joints.


Think it soldering failed because of vibrations?

Vibrations are an issue for receivers, but not really for transmitters

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Riiiiiiight!! Silly me didn’t even pay attention.

That video is interesting, because I had a similar problem, though not identical, with a different remote/receiver (Mini Remote) and the problem ended up being confirmed as the PWM (“PPM”) wire going from the receiver to the ESC was smashed (it had been been caught under the ESC when the ESC was bolted onto the enclosure), and on the signal wire (not the GND or +5V) there was only one strand of wire that was touching but not connected, and all the other strands had separated


I’m a bit surprised that my new soldering solved the problem… But I didn’t do anything else than this solder and unmounting/remounting it.

I found that the solders of the wire of the antenna look weird, but this wire didn’t move at all.

I also stated that it was really easy to smash one if this small wires while remounting the GT2B. I almost smashed one of them (but the issue disappeared anyway…)

It works but I’m not sure I should trust this “fixed” GT2B…