Carvons resurrection (good idea or aweful) building a direct drive

So the more I run through my carvons trying to fix them the more I love their simplicity
I think that reproducing them with some subtle changes def could be a cool idea (not for selling rather just for myself and maybe someone could take the idea from there)
I have basic knowledge In cad but have a friend who could help me with it and also cnc parts

My idea was simply a cnc hanger
Use some 6374 motors like they did (they used 6364 sk8) then custom machine a can with a press fit piece for wheels and a piece to hold onto the hanger

I am definitely not going to be doing this alone and if I ever decide to actually do it then I think it could be a good idea

First of all what are your thoughts

  • Yay dds
  • Booooo
  • Good idea but never happening
  • Good idea but needs changes made

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Also what changes would you like made

Also what is your ideal kv

  • 40-60kv (6-8inch wheels)
  • 70-90kv (large urethane torque geared)
  • 90-100kv (urethane all around)
  • 100-120kv (urethane speed geared)

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Please keep comments constructive and positive

What ideas would you like to be seen in direct drives


110Kv is way too high. Especially with higher voltage ESCs on the horizon, a lower Kv is preferred.

But with TB DD existing, why?


Cause I find they still lack the torque and the price point is really high for a direct drive

Also pneumatics on a dd?

If you’re going to do it, make them 25Kv and useful for something the market cannot currently offer — 20S battery with dual Stormcore 100S direct drive to 200mm pneumatic

Otherwise just buy a @torqueboards direct drive and call it a day


There is no current dd which can run pneumatic wheels

For my first step I would like to see how they run

I am going to get 2 stators to fit my carvons and reterminate them as wye giving me a much lower kv and then make adaptors to run pneumatics
I will see form there how it goes

If they run well then I will make a complete new one of my own

Takes a lot of money to develop a product :grinning: Goodluck


Not the way I do it

I am developing anything
Rather making a single prototype for myself

I have friends how have access to some good cnc equipment
And I am planning on running a system very similar to carvons with simple changes

If your making a prototype for yourself what’s the need for its own thread ?


@rey8801 I’m pretty sure you said this in the past - how many GBs ago :wink:


eh eh…all the projects start like that. Then some gets to a GB, others stop to the single piece for personal use. Reasons are varies. In my case most of the time they cost to much to make it affordable :sweat_smile:


Yeah I definitely don’t have th funds to make larger amounts

Really just love direct drives and hubs but haven’t found any really good ones out there except ones which cost way to much for me

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not that I want to hit your dreams by any means but be aware that either you have access and ability to machines and know your stuffs, or make it one for you will cost you more than the most expensive drive out there, without take the time into consideration which for me was more an investment and challenge. That of course based on my experience.


Yeah totally get you

The truth is I have access to basic machinery and have access to people who know there stuff (not so much esk8 but with electronics and motors and cad etc…)
Time I have a lot of

I am not trying to break any records or make the ultimate direct drive rather just working out really basic stuff and making my current drive a whole lot better

if it’s modify your current one than ok. I thought you wanted to manufacture one from scratch.


So my plan is

Currently got carvon v4s (they use 6364 sk8 motors)
I will buy some more stators and Reterminate to get the wanted kv
Then I plan to make the connection to the hanger stronger and better to stop rattleing and movement
Add heat sink??

And then see how the drive

If all is good then make some improvements to the actual motors and switch to larger ones
Work it out slowly from there

Nah def modify mine first and see how that goes

Form there I will work it out

Good luck! Sounds fun.

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Thank you for the kind words

Hopefully can get this working

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for sure. if you put effort into it, you will get something back for sure. It’s all about do the first step

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Currently running my carvons on single drive 110kv while waiting for the other stator to come

I believe reterminate as wye gives you 1.7x less then delta?

If so I can get 150kv stators and reterminate ending up with 85kv