CARVE PDX - July 29-31st 2022 - Portland, Oregon, USA - PART 2!

My daily Google tracked flights email updates are more anxiety inducing than buying Bitcoin

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I haven’t checked in months but I’m presuming my flight from O’Hare to San Diego for $225 on Alaska is no longer a thing.


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Basically as soon as we learned about gas prices going up forever everyone should have bought their tickets xd

I spent like $470 on my tickets back in March. those are like $650 now.


swing by this time dude…

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Damn I wish I could be there! For future reference what battery size is recommended? I may try going next year…

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The longest ride we clocked last year was about 24 miles continuous. Most were in the 15-20 range.


Awesome! Yeah that length of ride is perfect.

And there are often charge stops


Tightest turn radius is 7m. So go and try to make a U turn in a 14M wide road/Gap between two garbage bins.

We have contingency plans for if the turns are too tight. So do not fret.

Yes it’s meant to look like the ESN logo, kinda


Whoa alright! how do you know where you’re going? Is there a system to the cones?

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The track will be more clear when you ride it, we used a minimal amount of cones just for planning out the track

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Such an awesome fucking track. It’s going to be amazing!

It’s about 300m long. Jackson and I were getting about 40 to 45 second laps with just one board on the track, times will probably be a bit longer with more boards racing wheel to wheel.

We tried to keep the whole track about 7m wide on average to leave plenty of space for wheel to wheel racing, but there are spots where it narrows to make things interesting. We need to get more racers on the track at once to test out the maximum capacity.


@DerelictRobot is there an official agenda yet? no hurry, just checking.

I got my airbnb 2 miles from your house.


Touching tips again this year?


I can only hope!


I’ll have it posted this weekend.

See you all soon!

Edit: thoon, meeting with @jack.luis this evening (Wed) to finalize some details