Car battery + inverter = spotwelding (?)

Since summer has now begun, I am going to go out camping with my family. It gets pretty boring out there I was thinking about doing some spotwelding for my upcoming battery build.

I have a welder that uses a normal 230V outlet. So I was thinking about using a car battery and then an inverter to convert the 12v car battery to 230V. If I am not mistaken, a 300W inverter should be enough right? It should be able to deliver about 25 amps. The welder uses 15-20 amps.

Would this work?

Do the math and you will see why not.


Lol just enjoy camping. Climb stuff, burn stuff, cut somthing down, kill small animals with rocks, jump off a thing into some liquid


Math was always been my weak side. Mind explaining why it doesnt work? :nerd_face:

P=V*I => I = P/V => I = 300W / 230V = 1.3A

That is the current your 300W inverter can supply to your welder.

Lol you’d need like 4Kw inverter :rofl:

The aukalira(boss) spot welder would work for this kind of application but who the fuck wants to build a battery out in the middle of nowhere.

Sounds like a nightmare waiting to happen.

Why not use an arduino spot welder? They use a 12V car battery as juice for the welds

Would there be anything cheaper than the aukalira in the same price range?

you could make your own for less, but it will be worse and requite 10 times more time than the time required to earn those 50$ more to get a boss level spot welder :smiley:


Lol that’s fair :joy: