Can't connect to freesk8 app

Hey guys I’m trying to connect my board to the freesk8 app but won’t connect I have tried over 10 times what do you think is the problem


what is your hardware?

Looks like it’s not connecting to VESC-TOOL or FreeSK8 app.

What ESC & which firmware version?


Makerx dv4 on 5.2.

I was able to connect before he took his board back home.

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Sounds like we need some more info from OP :slight_smile:

5.2 makerx dv4 evan was able to connect to it when i got home it wasn’t connecting to the freesk8 app of vesc tool

Or not of

If no other changes were made in that time, best guess is that this is an ESC Firmware corruption, nothing specific to FreeSK8. I’d suggest reflashing it and trying again.

Otherwise make sure your BLE dongle is fully connected (if it’s external)

Was @Evwan using his phone? What phone are you using?

I was on a pixel 6 pro

Copy I open it up

Shouldn’t matter in this context- if VESC-tool can’t pull it up either there’s an issue with comms. I’ve seen this happen when tx/Rx get disconnected but the BLE unit still has power, or if the UART gets disabled on the ESC firmware.

The other time I’ve seen this is related to firmware corruption where the ESC doesn’t properly send a known ID up to the apps.

I’m guessing it’s one of the former issues. @Kingesk8nyc make sure you haven’t disabled the UART on the side the BLE dongle is on, that could also cause this. Can only check that with a USB connection to the ESC once it gets disabled.

Ok thanks for the help I try that out

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