CANCELLED - [US GB] Kenda 8x2 road tires

I got a message a while ago from @Dec on the old forum regarding tires, they can offer us a variety of tires at decent rates, the first thing they have up is Kenda 8x2 road tires, 10 sets of 4 will be available at $36 per set + shipping (2.2kg from 19711), this includes the 2.9% and 4.4% transfer fees.

Please post your name and the number of sets you would like, if the order is reached I will collect payments via PayPal G&S and pay for the tires by a West Union Bank transfer. We will try to use PayPal G&S for payment as an alternative to West Union Bank.

Other tires may be available, Clever 6x2 tires are going to be on hand soon, 8x2 and 6x2 tires may be possible. Please post the type of tires you are looking for and I can ask.


This does not seem smart man. In days of old, hearing this essentially guaranteed it was a scam. There js no reason this seller/company should not be able to accept PayPal G&S and if you do trust them conplelty for some reason a standard bank transfer should be compleltly fine. Also, if you were to get ripped buy this seller, those who contributed to the GB could then dispute PayPal and freeze and/or permanently damage your paypal account.


Ahh damn, supposedly PayPal is not working well in China at the moment (@dickyho had the same issue and he is legit) so that is what Dec requested I do, I’ll ask that we use PayPal G&S

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Up to you homie. Just sketchs me out for a first time purchase.

You can put me down for 1 set of 4 tires

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Please put me down for 2 sets. Thanks :+1:

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Same reason vendors don’t like paypal for THEIR own protection.

Especially for bulk order items over a few grand. Paypal can just say “we’re gonna hold the funds for 180 days” and the vendor can do nothing. Paypal is technically not a bank, so they can do some shady things and no one can do anything about it.

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I’ve asked them to accept G&S, awaiting a response

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Very aware of this. However westen union bank transfer is no protection for anyone, which is what makes it sketchy imo. I don’t know if things have changes but direct bank transfer is generally not a good idea unless there is a contract between the parties.

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