CAN Bus Keeps Shorting

I have two Flipsky 4.2 Dual one is the Plus model which has a built-in anti-spark on-off button. For some reason when the CAN line is pluged in the switch on the plus model stay on or gets turned on even if the anti spark switch is off.

If the ESC without the switch is off but connected to CAN of other ESC, it will keep other ESC switched on. If other ESC is pluged in while CAN is connected it somehow shorts the ESCs CAN transivers.

Sorry If this doesn’t make any sense, any help would be much appreciated!

doesn’t this model have a built in canbus line? have you switched it on and connected via vesc tool to see if it’s got both vescs visible?

Each ESC works on its own, it’s when they are connected together things go wrong. Somehow the CANBUS is able to turn on the ESC without turning the switch on. If CAN is connected between the two ESCs and the other ESC is plugged in it burns the CAN transceiver of the other ESC even without it being turned on.

Don’t connect the CANBUS 5V line — only GND, CANH and CANL. And if the ESCs share a ground already, you don’t even need to connect GND.

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Only data lines are connected and they already share a ground. Still not sure how this is possible…