Can anyone 3D image or cnc this part?

Trampa has these really cool motor cages that I think would look sick on any build. The problem is that these motor cages will only work with their own motor mounts. Their motor mounts have a disc like adaptor the serves two purposes. 1. Slots into their motor mounts making it easier to adjust belt tension. 2. Has holes around the disc shaped perimeter to mount the motor cages to. Without this adaptor there is no way to mount the motor cages to any motor mount. Solution, if someone can design this adaptor where it is flat (so that it can fit snug between the motor and the mount) with the same holes. (so you can mount your motor through the holes in the disc, Then mount the motor cages to the disc. do you guys think this is possible? Here are the parts Iā€™m talking about.


i dont have the motor mounts that was the point of the post XD. i have trampa motors anyway

Which parts from this list You have on Your desk? And Which motors You have?

Yes would be doable if you have the hole pattern and other dimensions on hand.

You can reach out to @SabreDynamics for a custom part.




Better reach into your legal bwiefs to bring out your Supeanous

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I really wanna use these motor cages with my BNM1 drives

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