[BUY] Stormcore 60D

Located in the US! New or used!


Get ahold of @cfelzien I think he might have one


I’d be happy to let you have mine. I am getting my 100D best week , end of the week I think. I purchased the 60D to hold me over till the 100Ds arrived from China.

That 60D is a seriously sturdy piece of kit. Honestly I didn’t expect it to perform as well as it did. Only reason I would move on to the 100d is for the extra battery series packs. Aside from that the 60Ds performance is indistinguishable from it’s big brother.

Feel free to message me if you are still looking next week.


Bump! Still looking!

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Message @kevingraehl He may have something that you might want and he’s also in Norcal

Bump! Still Looking!

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