Buy or Borrow Spot Welder

I’m looking to build a battery pack for my upcoming build, and trying to find a second hand spot welder, or ideally one I can borrow/rent from someone for a week or two. This is probably going to be the only battery I build otherwise I’d flat out buy a k-weld or something similar with no hesitation.

I’m in central NJ and points if you’re local, but I don’t mind shipping from US.

Thanks Guys!

A few people here will weld up your cells for you for a nominal fee. I think this is a great way to get into building batteries. Most of the work is care and patience with the soldering iron anyway. @BluPenguin comes to mind. Here is his thread on the subject.


@Scepterr is in NYC


@Scepterr is the above mentioned service something you could offer? Being able to pick it up would sure save a lot on shipping fees.

That’s really good to know and not something I had considered, thanks!

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I can spot weld P groups or build the whole battery for you.


close enough to drive over and pick them up? save big on shipping to buy more beer :beer:


I have a cheap Chinese spot welder and I don’t mind loaning it out. I am in California 94546 area if anyone needs it. But It’s not worth it shipping it to NJ and back.

I can vouch for his welding. It’s legitimate.

A great option if you want to build your own battery, but you don’t have or want welding equipment.


I’ll move this to PMs. Thanks everyone for your help and recommendations @b264 @iamasalmon