Bushing and Truck Setup Help Offered

Any update on this?

Yikes, just got back from 2 weeks in the UK. Sorry for the delay!

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OK, I want to be sure what you are doing here Front is 30 deck plus 15 truck angle for a net of 45 degrees and back is 30 deck with a reversed truck. I think you will need to run it at 30 degrees to neutralize the reversed turn moment for a net of 0 degrees. Normally with a traditional mounting on a kick you add the angle but reverse mounting you need to subtract. Let me know if I have completely blown this as I have not done reverse mounting before and it is really confusing me this AM.

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@RipTideSports I was wondering what you would recommend for something like the Pantheon pranayama (double drop deck with Paris 149mm street trucks used mostly for commuting), I’m 130lbs, and the stock Paris street bushings feel very “lazy” for lack of a better word, there isn’t very much life to them what would you recommend for something that adds some life to the board, I only go about 25mph on it so it doesn’t have to be super stable. Also since the WFB pivot cups are self-lubricating does that mean they don’t squeak as much? I might need to get a set of those. I don’t really have any experience with TKP trucks or pushboards in general so I appreciate the help.

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A greet setup for what you have is a StreetCone / StreetFatCone front and a StreetCone / StreetChubby back. At 130 lbs APS 75a should work well. WFB pivots go a long way to eliminate squeaks from the pivot but the noise can also come from the bushings an the truck / deck interface so have some graphite available to dust the components with

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Thanks! I’m excited to try them out.

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@RipTideSports asking here not to derail the radium thread. I had no idea a chubby could turn more than a fat cone.

I’m using wide tkps 45 degree front 30 rear 93a krank barrel/fatcone front and 96a rear. What would you recommend using chubbies?

What are the main issues you are having with the current setup and what trucks are they?

No issues it actually feels great just t-racing always chasing those hundredths of a second. Maybe the rear could turn more but the front is close to biting.

They’re split angle tkps just using generic flipsky hangers.

Although on that note if I could get more turn on the front id cut the deck

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100% agree

I would only change the back. Make it a 93a Barrel / Chubby combination

Flipsky TKP’s take 3 different height combinations so be sure to order the correct height bushings.

Screenshot 2023-09-18


Awesome thanks man :call_me_hand:

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Heights are listed front and back ,6" and .4" tall bushing combinations.

Hiya Brad @RipTideSports,

I’m Patrick, a newbie to the Portland esk8 community :wave:t3:

I took a tumble on Friday after picking up an oscillation from a small bump at ~25mph. I was riding on otherwise glass-smooth pavement. Fortunately I had full gear & no major injuries.

I need more high-speed stability. I thought my board was stable at speed - when I went fast before, it certainly felt so. But the fact it “rang” like that after being hit just so means something needs to change.

The board has a decent turn radius. I’d like to keep that somewhat. But immunity to speed wobbles (does it exist?) + stability >20mph is most important.

Can you recommend Riptide bushings for my ride?


Exway Atlas Pro 4WD with gear drives, AUXPack external battery pack, and first-party mudguards. Everything is stock.

Trucks & Bushings

Exway 10.5" Trist DKP (they claim forged + CNC)
I heard Exway may have cloned another design. If someone knows, please enlighten me.

Exway 95A “Low-Rebound Fat Bushings” (the orange ones)
Boardside Φ30x15mm Fat Cone
Roadside Φ30x15mm Fat Barrel + Flat Washer
Specs from table at bottom of Atlas Pro product page

Weight & Balance

Board ≈ 50lbs
AUXPack = 25lbs
≈ 75lbs

I’m 6’1" and weigh ~175lb
~10lbs gear
~15lb backpack
≈ 200lbs


I routinely ride at 25mph. The board maxes out at 32mph and I want to feel comfortable when I take it there.

Would your DKP bushing box for the Atlas (non-Pro) be appropriate for the Pro in my case?

Long-term, I want to swap my DKPs for TKPs. Since Exway uses a special 4-bolt pattern for their drives, @DerelictRobot is helping me find custom mounting flanges that mate to off-the-shelf precision trucks. But I want a plan B just in case.

To Brian & all the community members who’re chiming in, thanks for reading & for your wisdom :blue_heart:


Edit 1: Rider weight, links, clarity, and kudos to Andrew :muscle:t3: