Building my first eletric skateboard. Help me choose the best battery for a loaded vanguard deck

So i’m going to build skate metric foosted board (

The only thing i don’t like is the range of that battery. I want a bit better range. I know i can’t have a big battery since i’m going to use a loaded vangaurd deck and i don’t want the battery to catch on fire when the board flexes. The price isn’t that much of a problem. I would be willing to pay extra to get a few km more range.

What is the best battery i can get for this board? My knowledge of batterys are pretty bad but i think meepos 10S4P 14Ah Samsung Battery is the best?

Another option would be meepos extented range battery but i can’t figure out which one of these 2 are the ( I couldn’t link their battery since i could only attach 2 links per post)

Ownboard also sells batterys but if i understand everything correct meepos batterys are better? ( I couldn’t link their battery since i could only attach 2 links per post)

You want a battery with a minimum of 50a continuos rating to prevent overheating or lame performance. 10s is the best all around on 4.xx hardware.

Try to go for 10ah or above and you will be good

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speaking of this, is there any resource around about battery config and vesc hardware compatibility for a nooB??

Vesc - 6s (you can run lower but whats the point) to 12s voltages

Esc - never had one so wouldnt know.

Moral of the story: Vesc is compatable with most everything battery wise.

Its the amps you need to be concerned about. Certain vesc only allow up to a certain amount of amps before it cuts out or faults/damage


@J0ker thanks, not to derail the topic but I have TB dual vescs which run 4.12 hardware and tb 12s4p and am hoping I made the right vesc decision for that battery :thinking:

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You’ll be fine

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Thanks for the answer. I’m not sure i know how to tell what the continious rating is of a battery though. The meepo exteted range battery is made of:
Cells: Samsung 10s2p 40T
Max discharge current: 60A
Should that be good?

Or should i go with the meepo 10S4P 14Ah Samsung Battery.
They don’t really tell the stats of the battery on their site but i does say "high discharge current of 30A max. The battery is perfect for increased range, with a capacity of 14Ah. "

Of the pre builds batteries, this is OK

What is your location?
You can always go lipo or build your own battery

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Hmm thanks for the recommendation!
I live in Sweden. I’m looking abit for someone to maybe build me a battery since I don’t really dare to build my own.
I also found this battery pack and enclosure which should be built for a vanguard deck. Seems kind of expensive but it looks like it’s best performance i can get.

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It’s from @eBoosted

The pack is made with so much attention to detail, fish paper on critical parts and specific design to fit the 10s4p perfectly, it’s more expensive than regular packs but believe me safety is reality important

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