Building a new Board

Hi guys, my brother is building a board and I have only built one so I figured I would ask for some help. He is wanting to build a longboard and he wants to know a few things. First what trucks should go with for the street, he wants something he can preferably customize the color of (make like trampa), but wants to know if there are any better options. He also wants a stiffer longboard deck with not a ton of wobble or dip in it. He is 145 pounds so Im not sure that will be an issue but we will see. We for the most part have the battery and wheels narrowed down to a 10s4p and some cloudwheels with either a vx1 or a vx2 remote.

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Oh boy, I love recommending stuff! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Trucks with customizable color: Check out Surf Rodz. They have RKP and TKP trucks, and a few vendors on here make mounts for them. For a sidewalk board I’d suggest TKP for a super narrow turning radius.

With what cells? Also, deck and enclosure should be the first thing you decide on, as that will let you know how big of a battery you can even fit.

I suggest taking a look at the decks that eboosted and big ben make enclosures for. If your brother fancies any of those, then getting a deck and matching enclosure will pretty much guarantee a successful build :slight_smile:


I say BN 220 hangers and you can always find cool caliber or paris baseplates or you can use his adjustable base plates for the money it’s a good deal

Tb218 hangers with caliber or paris baseplates his new mounts are beefy so you don’t have to worry about the bends :call_me_hand:

Do you want to go belt or gear drives?

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Belt drives preferably but he doesn’t have a preference as they both look fairly similar. Whats the benefits to either?

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Belt drive pros:

  • Easier to come by
  • Easy to service
  • Possibly quieter
  • Cheaper
  • Less prone to braking on jumps with a mountainboard

Gear drive pros:

  • Rarely need servicing, just adding more grease if anything
  • Possibly quieter (if you go helical or herringbone with plastic gears and some good grease)
  • More efficient / better free-roll
  • Weather resistant (snow breaks belts)
  • Greater power transfer possible than belts of similar size