Build Help for second board

How’s it going all. I had a question in regards to a build that I was looking to make and the parts are gonna be coming from a few different suppliers. Here’s the list

Trampa HS11 Deck Original
Trampa 8 inch wheel
Trampa Beastbox
Kaly NYC or ETOXX gear drive - (can’t decide?)
Maytech Motors - (Kv can’t decide?)
Trucks - Can’t decide
ESC - Focbox Unity
Battery -Samsung 40T 21700 12s4p pack

I’m a novice builder with limited experience but I currently have a used build that I was gonna take the battery out as well as the ESC and bms and install it into the new build. I am going to get professional help with dealing with the battery and everything from a legit technician so that isn’t my concern. My issues is synergizing a solid truck option with a specified gear drive and a motor. Everything else is pretty simple on paper but I’m having issues with those three. I heard great things about the Maytech Motors but would potentially jump on a motor/geardrive kit from EToxx to take away the hassle. I heard great things about Kalys new helical drive system so if it was worth it, I would love to pair them with dual Maytech Motors if the juice is worth the squeeze. My Kv is gonna be <180 and I’m looking for a gear ratio for torque, less top end and more of an all terrain setup. I’m just super confused about the trucks and some other things mentioned that is causing me issues to buy the parts. Can anyone enlighten me on the proper parts to buy if I wanted to go route A with Etoxx kit and route B with Maytech Motors and Kaly gear drive. Thanks so much

what gear ratios are you looking to run?

what mtb trucks gave you already ridden?

I have haggy trucks that fit with my bergmeister wheels on the build I have now. Only trucks I’ve ever ridden. I’m looking for a gear ratio with a tighter format for better acceleration for hills and such.

i ask because if you want gear ratios larger than 4:0 then kaly is off the table

i personally find all these trucks to be really expensive to be buying without a test drive

don’t forget to also consider 3d servisas and moon gear drives

Ok. How would you compare kaly to etox. Alsi, anything over 4:0 would be good for? I really like the Trampa trucks but idk which model I would need if I went for the etoxx option. This stuff is confusing. Any chance you can show me if I was to get the dual mini gear kit from EToxx that is 525$ what trucks could work from Trampa or something better. My budget doesn’t exist but I don’t need a spaceship just quality. Cheers