Build flip flopping - Send help

I can’t be the only one…

My build ideas change daily. I’ve just scrapped a complete but partially un-assembled build in favor of another one that I am already reconsidering the parts on.

Noticed how you start out with the intention of spending on decent parts but not going over the top on your secondary and tertiary boards and then they end up becoming more expensive than your “main ride”?

Wtf is wrong with me, help me out here by telling me I’m not alone.


Your should start selling your wheels :money_mouth_face:


But I kinda feel you. My plan was normal simple belt drive urethane Tayto. Now I’ll have a gear drive on Bergs or even belt on Mach1 wheels…


My solution to this,

have one fully functional board with nothing special about it

and one board that never gets done because your plans change every day


You guys need to get off my wheel pile :frowning:

Got some new 110’s on the way too haha.


I will definitely get off…

I’m decisive but impatient. My first build is still in work and I’m already making plans for the next one. I always coach engineers at work that the worst decision you can make is no decision.

We all have our quirks, otherwise we would be doing what normal people do instead of this. People my age at work look at me and I can see them thinking I am completely bonkers. We’re not crazy. We just understand what most people don’t. Life is about collecting experiences, not money.


If you make a portable cocktail bar and one of those hostesses for food at Christmas, that could conceivably remove 8 wheels off the pile.

Plus the wife would start taking an interest in what you do, possibly for the first time.

Sun lounger?

Then of course there is the 6 wheel board, that brings you up to what? 20 wheels accounted for.

Sizeable dent in the wheel warehousing. You’d only have to think about another 2 or 3 esk8 builds.

You’re welcome :innocent:

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Oooh oooh, lock yourself in the bathroom and see which ones you like best

Eat anything under 90mmimage


@Brenternet You are definitely, completely alone on this, and you should be ashamed of your indecisiveness. You should turn yourself in to the authorities for your crime and request that you be publicly whipped upon your bare buttocks in the Town Square using no less then 10 gauge super worm wire, by none other than the Queen of England herself.

I’ve known the configurable, method and exact components of every build since long before I ever discovered ESk8, so every build is just a continuation of my predetermined destiny.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, don’t feel bad. We all go through it. I think it’s just part of the process, and for me, one of the biggest challenges. :wink:


“why does it look like a bomb”…

“It’s not done yet”…

(The truth is, it’s never “done”)



I don’t have the parts but I switch build plans almost daily…

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Never do that. Finish the build, no matter what.

This is me.
In the last 6-7months, I have gone from never even having ridden an electric skateboard to building my own (whilst still never having ridden one) to completing it and all of a sudden I now having 5 partial builds (or new decks) in the garage…and lots of plans…:rofl:

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This happens wayyy too often, even on my main ride.

Update, the canned build is now back on.

I’ve also started two new builds since this thread. I don’t mean like I’ve planned them. I’ve bought parts… which is pretty dumb.