budget replacement esc for enertion raptor 2.1?

Oh, I surely wouldn’t knowingly buy anything from him(or trampa, mboards, and a few other companies, but that’s a whole other thing), I just like to point out the silliness of raging against such a small, self defeating machine.

Scammers will be scammers. Small time ones will never hit the big time. That, in itself, is their punishment.

You are welcome embrace a defeatist attitude, while I’m welcome to push back. Giving up isn’t an answer everyone chooses.

If you don’t care your energy would be better spent not pushing against those who do.

I’m def not pushing against it. Hate on the man more, I say. Without such things, they wouldn’t receive the self inflicted punishment I mentioned. But I do think it’s silly. Maybe that’s not the right word. Cute? Idk. It gives me a good chuckle and puts a smile on my face.

Principles aren’t principles until they’ve cost you something.

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I’ve lost plenty. The ones at jayjays level who are responsible for some of those losses? That kind of behavior is why they’ll never make it anywhere. I take pleasure in that, and compensation in pain and pocket contents if I see them. Jaypo ain’t goin anywhere. Not anywhere important. Not with his attitude. I’ve met his type plenty.
But you know me bro. Uncaring zen. Ripped off by jaypo, fucked over by ups, screwed by the bank, it’s all the same to me. Ain’t gonna kill me or anything. Losses are losses, and regardless of their source, you compensate. That said, i support your raging against injustices almost every time. Someone’s got to do it.

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