Broken eScooter, any ideas?

I have a broken ninebot eScooter. I assume the battery’s and motor are reusable. The problem with it is a broken motherboard. What ideas do you guys have for these parts? I was thinking some DIY vehicle.

Any ideas what to use the parts for?

Vesc it, wires the throttle to adc port, config, then u r back up and running again


theres a whole community somewhere ( I forgot where) of people doing this with ninebot scooters. some googling will get you far here

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I don’t think I will fix it considering I just bought a Kaabo Mantis 8, which is MUCH nicer than the low end ninebot. I was considering using the battery cells for a low budget eBoard.

Battery Builds isn’t exactly the right category for this thread considering the battery pack in question is usable and already built.

I would actually use the cells to create a new pack. Nonetheless, it wouldn’t let me put just DIY builds. It made me put Battery builds.

Not worth salvaging the cells, its a dangerous and laborious task and if you billed yourself at minimum wage it wouldn’t be worth it. They’re a bit low power for an eboard, not really worth it imo

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I’m using a (Lime) scooter battery on my e-bike. That long cylinder form factor is an invitation to get duct taped to the bike frame. 9Ah at 36V, that’s decent for local trips.

Otherwise, as suggested, a VESC would get it back to functional level. But it would still be a scooter!