Bro rebuild (reduce, reuse, recycle)

I’m putting my bro build back together.
I rode it once for about 5 minutes, but it was hacky because I had no where to work at the time.

The deck and motors were used prior.

Currently it’s got trampa trucks, moon drives
batch 7 (may sell trucks, and drives), and tb63100s, one of them makes a rubbing noise, and may have a bad sensor.

The battery was “overstock” from battery hookup a year ago 2kwh 12s1p. You can’t see it under the fiber tape, but I wired a smart bms to it, ran the balance wires through individual drilled holes in the nylon cover, and taped them all down such that none of them cross. The battery is framed in a steel case.

The original plan was to put the batter in a water proof vinyl camping bag, and strap to the deck.

The new plan is to build a wood box around my battery and esc, and use my old matrix 2s, and ubox from my tomboi build.

Austin streets made my 12s4p nese pack have balance issues, I still haven’t fixed, so my tomboi builds parts are available.

I already took the BN m1-at drives off it the matrix 2s, and there’s a certain long unopened package waiting to be used.



Reserved 2

Reserved 3

By appointment,slot 4


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Which way should I orient the battery box?
Long or tall? 6” vs 9”

I’m leaning towards long, but 9” is a lot of foot room.

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