Bricked vesc based esc after flashing firmware via SWD

In preparation for my new Wand remote I wanted to flash the lates fw on my esc.
Unfortunately it wasn’t possible to upload a different version.
I remember there was the new function in the latest vesc tool that you can flash fw via swd port from another vesc.
So I went ahead, crimped a cable with GND to GND, IO to IO and CLK to CLK. No other wires connected, cable is 7cm long.
Everything went nice. Powered on both escs, hit the connect button and got a solid connection. Than further with select vesc six and than erase and load.
Erase worked, also fw upload was shown as finished 100%, but than a window popped up with the notifications „ bootloader not existing“ and that’s it.
My other esc is now erased and I can’t connect at all via USB port.
Did I miss something?
Maybe I need to add the bootloader file to the vesc tool library or something?

Any help would be appreciated!

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Did you try to upload the FW again?
The bootloader is part of the FW, so that should work.
Actually you can flash a brand new VESC using SWD.
Did you click disconnect after the upload?


@Trampa I can’t connect via usb or bt to the vesc at all, so no way to flash firmware the usual way.
I have a solid blue light on the vesc but it’s not going green too.
I don’t understand why I get the missing bootloader message.
It’s the latest version (3.61) i downloaded from the official link so I thought there is all inside I need.
I can take some pictures in the evening, maybe that will help.
Just thought I forgot something trivial.

In case i need to start a recovery via st v2 link, could somebody link me the hex file for vesc 6 i‘ll need than?

The ESC you used to flash the bricked one should still work.

yes only the one which was erased doesn´t work anymore.
the one i used as flash “master” still works fine.

ok so you mean i should upload the fw on the one I used to flash the other again?
Can do that in the evening no problem.

Try it again. Update the Master first. 3.61 has a small bug, reverse on the wand doesn’t work. Ben is fixing that when he gets a moment. I use 3.60 for the now.