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naaaa I went with some 170kvs I had in the hoard haha. They still sound insane when you run emm up. Its currently geared for 40ish.


@Skyart - yo what kinda range did you get on your set up with this batt? I wana compare


I never fully drained it, but 16-20 miles would leave me at about 40% depending on how hard i ride

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you had it on 7’’ or 8’’ tires right?

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7" most of the time, and 155s too

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Update I’m doing something wrong… thing has no balls like my 12s3p 30q set up pulled harder.

I have max batt and motor at 69 did it for fun but also figured I wouldn’t really need more than that on 18s…

My duty cycle limit start is 90 and duty max is 95

My positive and negative ramping is 0.1…

I know I’m using 170kv motors but still, I’m geared for 40mph. Thing should rip compared to other boards I’ve geared for 40.

Is it really just not enough amps? Or is there some other setting I’m not thinking of? I should be over my old set ups watt output by quite a bit.

Seems weird that duty cycle and amps wouldn’t climb higher I was flooring it at times.

Oh and I poppped a few of the threaded inserts out. Terrible maiden voyage on the new set up :sob:


aalllll right - bumped up my settings a little an re set up my controller. I think I just didn’t select the right side of the esc or something last time I set up the remote. much, much better but I’m still eyeing 140kv motors, also none of my actual inserts came out, just need some longer screws in some places…

Sorry for the bitch fit/drama


Haha. I feel ya. I took my TBDD board out today and set it up as 2wd (previously 4wd). I thought it was so slow and couldn’t believe anyone would be happy with 2wd DD. I was about to post a rant too but checked settings and turns out I didn’t set it up properly after running wizard. One side was 60 and -40, the other 29 and -29 :man_facepalming: Both now at 70 and -45 motor amps with motor temp cutoffs increased and is actually pretty bloody good. Motors just get hot as fast in 2wd compared to 4wd


I was tight because it was a bitch to get the enclosure and gasket to mate in a cleanish manner so I didn’t wana open her up again. Then when I did check my settings everything looked fine (except I didn’t check my app/ppm settings) so I ranted lol

come back from dinner with a clearer head and redid everything (and upped my batt max to 100 for good measure) and wham bam thank you ma’am board is as powerful as Mjolnir.


Been sitting on this grip for a bit, time to bust it out?


The zenit lives again!

Need to clean up the phase wires, get a Hoyt receiver (using a vx1 for now), likely add some red stripes in grip tape to cover up the holes but she moves under her own power.

Happy with how the heat molding on the enclosure went, was able to bend the tabs to contour to deck nicely.

Looking forward to riding this deck again. I’ll get better pics in the wild when I clean it up a little more.


Zenit has been regripped with the classic Brently advan racing livery pattern and had its wires managed slightly better, love having a board that can do this again:

Some wild 20s smart BMSs showed up too :stuck_out_tongue::japanese_ogre:


This thing looks crazy Dude.
What an interesting set up.

What is turning like?
Is it using the hexl baseplates?

Nice work on the heat shaping…
That came out nice. I have fucked that up every time I ever tried it…

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Thanks raf! Yeah man I was pleasantly surprised with how the heat shaping came out, if I want to polish it off I should rewrap the enclosure. The heat gun basically melted the pattern away on the corners but you can’t tell from far.

It’s all my old stuff from my peralta so I’m somewhat used to how it turns, but it did take me a sec with the new deck shape, I basically plant my front foot at around a 50 degree angle in the front pocket and steer front there. It’s more front foot based turning than any of my other set ups.

It’s got a deceptively long wheel base so once I get really used to it I should be slapping 30 on it eventually.

And yep HeXL baseplates with 3DS hangers

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Ok so I’m not joining an ebike forum so you guys have to put up with my bike build.

A friend of mine is big into ebikes and is helping me through building one. Shout out to Bobby Bundles.

Today we got the layout figured out and started cutting nickel (it will be cleaned up) she’s a 20s8p Tesla cell pack. Going in a mario ebike frame. Originally was going to do a wooden enclosure but landed on batt bag. More to come on this one soon.

And I’m getting the stooges dialed in, they’re going on the k.riems


Did you ever figure out what is up wit the 18s on you 170kv motors? From my experience, the only difference with high voltage will be speed. So ideally you want low kv motors so you have amazing torque and good speed. Also at 18s you will be using less battery amps. My set up ran 138kv motors and I was never able to pull more then 40 battery amps per side. But motor amps were same as on other 12s builds, up in the 100 area

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Yeah I’ve learned 140kv or lower is likely the way to go, I haven’t pushed it too hard yet but yeah not pulling more than 25 batt amps / 55 motor amps so far :joy:. I’ve floored it a few times while moving and with the 170kvs it doesn’t ready start to take off like I think it should till about 15-20mph.

I have a set of 140kv 63100 motors from free chobby in the mail but I need a set of 6380/4 140kvs for my stooges. I think I’m going to have a hard time getting 63100’s to fit.

Am I crazy for wanting to try this:


Wanted some bigger tires on my peralta and the hyper proto is down till she gets a new batt so I took the @XBoard 7”s off my proto and slapped emm on the peralta with some aerospace carbon baseplate extenders.

edit - forgot to add I put some new freerchobby 140kv 63100’s on there too, should be much more suited to the 18S pack!


White belts!? Awesome!