Brand new Landyachtz EVO 40" For sale [EU]

Hey guys,

I have a brand new Landyachtz EVO 40" here which is for sale.

Length: 101.6 cm / 40"
Width: 22.3 cm / 8.75"
Wheelbase: 67.3 cm / 26.5"

Comes straight out of the box, not ever been used .

It can go for €165*
*price without shipping

If interested please PM me.


still for sale

Small price drop:

*excl. shipping

This is literally a brand new deck

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still available!

BS I don’t need that sexy ass looking deck to replace my warped drop deck. I don’t! Stop tempting my hand you meanie. Wish you a fair sale, I don’t want that deck. I don’t.


Last night I heard it calling out to you “vanarian… vanarian…”


Price drop : €155

Brand new Landyachtz EVO 40 deck

No room for another board right now but this seems expensive. Is it hard to get these in the EU or something? I see them for 135 shipped on eBay. Brand new.

Normal retail price for these in EU is around €194,95, in some places its a couple euros cheaper.

Also the Ebay one asks for $61 shipping on top of the price.



glad i got myn for 75 bucks :smiley: I got raped in customs tho.


75? then you got it cheaper then buy in price B2B, you should indeed be happy :slight_smile:

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Was a combo package from a builder here who was disadisfied with his build. Bought 150 cells of him as well. I wont ship stuff from switzerland again tho. 500 euro value(declared to 200). 100euro import tax :exploding_head:



can be closed @BillGordon

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