Boundmotor tkp's

These look cool

Wonder what angles they’re running?


damn they chonky

Good being able to run generic dkp mounts

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They look adjustable :thinking:

Edit: scratch that, the quick glimpse i took while driving fooled me.

They too tall, like all the other chinese tkps.

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I’m starting to have a bit of Boundmotor parts on various things, Ive found them to be very decent gear and reasonable CS support

Yeah looks like they do lend themselves more to a drop through setup

about as shit as the onsra attempt.

at least the design language is more visually appealing.

Made for drop mount, that’s why

Can you elaborate on why they look terrible? I have a Boundmotor deck and I was thinking of buying these.


Yeah you actually want a little more height for drop otherwise you have scrape like on my hummie with drop through rkp haha

I think the onsra are still a tad high but not bad

I feel like the propulsion boards bn rkp or just spending the extra for savage1 tkp is a better option. Edit( these around 200$ makes more sense to me)

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Anyone know if these are surf rodz TKP geometry or something else? If theyre surf rodz, the hangers might actually be quite interesting to use as a wider option.

I just bought a set of these. I’ll report back on how they are.


Can you take pics of the kingpin/baseplate angles?


How are these trucks going for you?