boundmotor esc setup help

Just swapped out my 2 dead focboxes for a boundmotor esc. I finished setting everything up but when I throttle the remote the motor just jerks and whines doesn’t move. Any help would be appreciated.

The hall sensor wires are in wrong order

Dunno how they in wrong order they only plug in one way?

What motor do u have

You are setting up FOC instead of BLDC, right?

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iirc boundmotor had the 5v and GND swap places compare to OG focbox

Edit: pics


my bad, looks like the temp is also in the wrong places


Check the position of the switches under the hall sensor port.

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Ground is usually black, but I have seen some fuckery in these parts. This ESC is the same as the esk8supply one.


DIY lesson No. 423

always check your pin-outs prior to plugging cables in.

and there is also no standard pin layout


Maker-X taught me this fun lesson.


Same! I spent 20 minutes scratching my head before I realized the pin layout wasn’t standard.


mine was taught by dickyho, it was fun, too much fun


So I just gotta switch those wire according to this diagram?

if everything was working previously on ur OG focbox, then just switch the cables according to the diagram

also make sure those cables are snug in the tabs, they are pain in the ass to work with.

@frame @M.Hboards @BillGordon

any of you guys cook any hardware with the pins not in the correct place?

I seem to remember somebody (claiming) cooking a VESC or something because all the pins on the sensors were mal-confucted…

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Switched wires ran setup again in foc, dunno if this looks right.

Nothing fried by me.

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Not this 'tard.

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