Bolt pattern thiller 6shooter

I need to cnc some pulleys so looking for the distance between center to bolt center on thiller 6 shooters.

Anyone know what it is?

I do, ill pm you it soon

Thanks mate!

47.630 mm circle

In a hexagon shape. Holes are m4



Thanks mate! Are you sure they are m4? Seems small

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100% M4, the wheel side is threaded so you just need to make the pulley part 4mm

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Awesome! Thanks again

The bolt pattern is exactly the same as vex robotics pulleys. You can go to their site and find drawings there too.

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I hate that website. Spent 5-10 minutes searching for the pulley yesterday. Only to see this

Geo racist!!

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I’m excited too see this.

Do you want to see the final product or the CNC porn? :sweat_smile:


I do !!! :raising_hand_man:t4:

I do too!!! … even though I don’t do ATs :sweat_smile:

You ever get too make these