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Boardnamics M1 Drive NOW AVAILABLE - $159.99

Ready to be released into the wild :smiley:

Each part is CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum. The gearbox case and plate are anodized black for a stealth look. The gearbox size is optimized for good ground clearance.
The M1 drive is the first urethane gear drive to utilize a pair of hardened steel gears. The straight-cut gears are hobbed from 4140 alloy steel, then given a nitriding hardening treatment.

O-Ring Bearing Seal:
A unique o-ring bearing design has less drag than V grooves found on other gear drives. The o-ring compresses when installed to seal the drive from debris.

Modular Design:
The wheel adapter and gear are interchangeable. Running a different style wheel is as easy as swapping the hub. Helical gears are coming in December 2020 and can be run in this gearbox with no modifications. Wheel adapters and faster 2.4 ratios will be available separately soon.

Why gears?
Longevity and Reliability
Gear drives exhibit “set and forget” installation. They require very low maintenance even after thousands of kilometers. The sealed design shields the gears from rocks that would destroy an open belt drive.

Performance and Efficiency
There is no belt skipping or ratcheting under hard breaking or acceleration. They can handle more torque than a 15mm belt system. Gears boast the highest drivetrain efficiency possible, having as much as 5-10% more range compared to a high performance idler belt drive.

Motor Shaft: 8mm ø ONLY, 22mm length max
Weight: ≈280g
Ratio: 2.78 (2.4 coming soon)
Max Case Diameter: 72mm
Overall Length: 122mm

184mm, 220mm, and 270mm Boardnamics Hangers ONLY

220mm hangers:

270mm hangers:

Available HERE



Congrats Kevin, I know you’ve worked hard as hell to get here, can’t wait to try a set.


Damn the most beautiful thing about this is the price!


and it looks good too!


I need it. I need it bad.


I got it :wink: 4wd here we come :exploding_head:




K now that im in the right thread, Guys, Im lucky enough to be local and drove to get these bad ass gear drves… they are the shit. Surprisingly quiet, easy to install, steel on steel gears!!! Lets not forget the price. By far my favorite of the three gear drives ive used.

Unique design allows the motor and gear drive to be easily switched from one hanger to another. The Bearing on the case really helps with free roll. It’s almost like I’m coasting on a longboard. Im not sure if the large amount of teeth on the gears help but it is very different from the previous two. 12/34 versus 64/23. I only have two issues…

I want to use these on different trucks and compatible with pneumatics. Those are my two gripes.

I paid straight cash for these and got nothing for my opinion, this is all simply because he made a great product at a great price. Great job kevin… karamdibs on the first matrix 2 gear drive

(P.s. I had posted this on a different thread not knowing this one existed. A few more drinks and I’ll be better, my apologies)


Do these work with the removable axel bolts or just the hangers with fixed axels?

Only boardnamic hangers


Congrats! Just wondering what you anticipate the cost of the helical modular upgrade to be? (i.e. if I get these what will be the cost of the parts to make it a helical setup)

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Understood, I have BN220s with the removable shoulder bolts, not the fixed axels pictured with the GDs.

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Hey smart people, would a larger amount of teeth on the gears help them sound quieter or does that shit not matter?

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lower ratio is quieter if you could make a 1:1 with @longhairedboy 90KV’s


It does.

It increases what’s called the contact ratio which is a measurement of how many teeth are engaged at what time. Straight cut is 1.0 to 2.0. Helical gears typically have 2.0 to 3.0.


im getting these once my next pay check comes in
im broke af rn

@Boardnamics, any recommend motor off the shelf? i assume TB6374 is just plug and play?

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If I’ve learned anything about gear drives, it’s that everything matters. Tooth size, angle, backlash, shape, material, helicity, lubrication or lack therof, addendum, contact ratio, pressure angle, dedendum, chordal thickness, diametral pitch…


You can use shoulder bolts, but I’d advise not to if possible. More tricky to install.

Also, the gear drive relies on axial pressure to stay put. It doesn’t need a lot of pressure (it’s not just gonna shoot out) but I’d trust a 5/16” fine threaded lock nut way more than aluminum M6 thread


The motor shaft must be 22mm. I don’t believe any motor off the shelf works, sorry. No way around this limitation. Time for the hacksaw/rotary tool


The helical gears will be $30 a pair, so $60 to upgrade a dual.