! Board Upgrade + Battery Advice!

Hello my fellow riders! I am new here but do know a lot of you so thanks for having me.


I am looking at battery options that can fit in a double stack enclosure on my Evo.

Current specs:
12s4p Samsung 30Q pack, FocBox Unity, flipsky vx1 remote, Evo Falcon 40" deck, servisas gear drives, 110 mm wheels, 220KV Maytech motors, and bones reds bearings.

I am getting rid of the FocBox and buying the Stormcore 100D. I also want to get rid of the current battery setup and go with a double stack. What does everyone recommend for getting over 40 miles range, lots of torque and 50+ mph top speeds? I am looking at P42A or 40T. What Batteries do you guys recommend???


P42A is slightly better. If cost is not a concern spring for that. Do a 12s6p or 12s7p double stack

edit oh you said stormcore. You planning to run 18-20s on 220kv? Might be kinda high for that…


@eboosted this is your territory


You can definitely stick a 12s8p P42A pack under an eBoosted enclosure, that would realistically be 60 to 80 miles of range and 10kW max discharge…which is absolutely insane


Does your enclosure have room for 12s8p? If so P42A 12s8p would be the biggest battery to date however it costs slightly more expensive than Samsung 40Ts, you only need the Evo Spectrum 40" DS 21700 enclosure


Thanks, no I was planning to run 13s in the double stack.

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Any reason why I would do a 12s8p over let’s say a 13s 6p or even 13s 7p?. I’m not just looking for distance but also top end speed is very important. As far as distance 40miles is perfect. I do not need 60 miles.


Top speeds can be accomplished by changing the gearing, motor KV and reduction ratio.

Option #1
13S battery
170KV motors
15T motor pulley
60T wheel pulley
175mm urban threads
Max speed: 36mph

Option #2
12S battery
190KV motors
18T motor pulley
60T wheel pulley
175mm urban threads
Max speed: 45mph

Wait a sec, everybody told me 13S is meant for people that want to go real fast!!!
Nope, that’s incorrect.

I want to go real fast, like 50mph!!!
That’s too fast unless you want to break some records, for everyday use it’s not ideal as you will loose torque in low and mid range, you will find out later this is were you will use yout esk8 90% of the day and that you may sacrifice it for 10 seconds of full speed once a day.

Get a 12s8p P42A if you want the top line battery pack, you might pay a hefty price though, a 13s8p 30Q if you want something with less weight and 25% less range and alot cheaper and a 12s4p P42A for a very portable deck.


Thank you for the detailed reply. I have another question for you before I post a separate topic.

In my current build I am running 12s4p with 220kv motors and when I did a real-time test in the Focbox tool the ERPMs for the motors is only 56k and they are supposed to be 66k. Something in Focbox is limiting my top end and ERPMs. I can inky get the board to go 32mph. I know it’s faster. Help! What’s stopping this thing?

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There could be different reasons for it.
Your battery wasn’t fully charged.
Your battery is so fucked that it’s even sagging on a bench test.
Your motors are not 220kV.
You did limit the erpm with your settings.

Guess it’s just a typo, but Trampa urban threads are 165mm


I made a 18s4p for bioboards out of 40t cells and it fit in the eboosted enclosure


@Acido what’s up mate :slight_smile:

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Hey man, not much just tired of studying haha

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What gearing and wheels diameter you have?

110mm wheels
10 teeth motor pulley
26 teeth wheel pulley

Battery is fully charged
It is 220kv
I know there is something limiting. How do I remove Limits? Erpm limits are 140k. No issues there

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If you have test the 32mph on th bench then, I’m pretty sure your motors are 170kv not 220kv

How do I bench test. I want to test but Maytech says I cannot do the real-time rest there is another way to test. Maytech swears they are 220.

The said “ > > > > > Hi Rick, > Sorry for the late reply.

The motor we made is 220KV, it might have some tolerances”

“Did you test the motor with hall sensor or without hall sensor? Please test the motor with hall sensor, connect the motor hall sensor on your VESC and choose sensored mode. “

These are 220kv” how do I do this ?

Also I got up to 36mph today on flat land

You have really nice enclosures!