Board cutting out under full throttle

Hi All,

Looking for assistance diagnosing this cut out. Not long under full throttle the board cuts power. It appears it even causes a disconnect of input, as you can see in my video the green light on the ESC turn off and hitting brakes or any input at this point has no effect.

Sadly I discovered this while riding and got tossed on my shoulder. I think nothing major, but this shoulder is already getting an MRI this week to check on damage from a few snowboarding and skate falls. See videos below of the cutoffs, what RT Data looks like when it happens, and my current settings.

Board is 12s3p 40T pack with discharge bypass smart bms and Stormcore 60D. Earlier tonight it was giving me fault_code_drv, but now it shows none. Was performing fine for several hundred miles until tonight. Let me know what other info would be helpful.

My first thought would be remote config. Can you re-configure the throttle in the app and test it after? Perhaps the Stormcore isn’t registering anything full throttle position.

EDIT- I’m dum and missed fault code and “full throttle for a moment”

Based on this I would go over your solder joints and perhaps reduce motor amps. Maybe even battery amps too but they all look fine to me


Just redid input wizard and that appears to have fixed it. Super weird. Any guesses as to how this cropped up as something recent?

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is that a puck?


double check the tiny connector on the receiver, i once found out my connector was only half way in the slot, weird stuff happened i was glad i found out before i went for a ride

Funny you mention that. A month ago I went for a ride with a buddy and we had our boards in the back of his pickup on the way to our start point. A few blocks into the ride I turn a corner and board stops with puck disconnected and blinking red. Thankfully I ran that one out.

Receiver vibrated out of the connecter while in the truck. Since then I heatshrinked that connection together.


rule out all the hardware problem, then move on to software. if it happens again, u can ping someone from hoyt to help with diagnostic


I’ve had a puck break it’s solder joints and Jeff replaced it cost free