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Blowout sale // Alles muss raus [WTS]

Time for me to sell some spare and left over parts I have laying at home.
Better help me get rid of them before I come to the idea to build one more board out of all that :joy:

Some parts, new, some used but all prices are without shipping.
Shipping worldwide shouldn´t be an issue.

Motor pulley 20mm 15T new (2x set screws, no keyway)
set of 2 12mm bore 7$

Motor pulley HTD3M 15mm 17T new set of 2 8mm bore - 10$

HIPS Gold Filament 1kg 9$


Battery PCB 18650 3P (1oz copper) stay positive 12x 8$

Etoxx steering damper adapter with hardware 35$
Steering damper, probably defect as it has the same stiffness in every
position) 20$

300x Studs for winter tires 25$ (pic post 33)

1x set 10“ summer tires used with inner tubes 80$

Cheap wooden MTB deck new 25$
Cheap wooden MTB deck used with 3D printed concave 20$ - experimental deck, so lots of binding holes filled with epoxy.

11s 5A charger EU Plug, xt90, used 25$ - can solder a Barrel plug if needed

HTD5M belts 15mm 355mm 3x 12$
HTD5M belts 15mm 425mm (Trampa original) 2x 18$
HTD5M belts 20mm 390mm 5x 12$
HTD5M belts 20mm 400mm 4x 10$

2x MAD hubs 90mm sleeves new 10$

Haggy boards Kegel pressfit 36T pulleys with 10mm bearings new 40$

Different sets of riser (see picture) each set of two 5$ or all 3 sets for 12$

ABEC Flywheels 90mm 75a used on my push board only set 75$

FOX Titan race knee pads 30$

Sunkko 787A+ spot welder with pedal, EU plug 35$ plus 65$ shipping internationally

Lipo battery box 55$ explanation see comment 121

4x Maytech 200A vesc based esc 135$ each or 480$ for all 4 together

Trampa HS11 16ply 175$




@Andy87 72t will fit with gummies?
I might be interested in the hypas+pulleys

no @Grozniy unfortunately not. 72th are already very big for 6.5" urban threads. the 44th would fit perfect thou.

yoo I’ll take dem hypa hubs DMing you

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44th and 72th wheel pulleys as well as hypa hubs are sold.


That gt2b, what would shipping look like to Canada? Cheapest way of course. Also, the hips, sealed? How old? Might also be interested in that. Thanks in advance for checking @Andy87.


@Lionpuncher Gt2b only would be 12$ for shipping.
Together with the HIPS it would be 18-20$.
The HIPS is about one month old, never opened.


Hey! Can i haz 12s3p esk8 squad pcbs & fuse holders shipped to Austria?


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I’ll take the freebord bindings Andy, how much is postage bro or can we trade for something?

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@Flozilla shipping would be 7$.
If you still interested send me a pm and they yours.

@Lee_Wright for the bindings it would be 12-15$ probably for shipping. One guy already asked about them, but didn’t respond after I told him shipping, so if he doesn’t take them, they are yours. I‘ll let you know later.

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@Lee_Wright I´m sorry, but the S2 bindings are sold

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We cant be friends anymore


Andy, you ship from mother Russia and don’t offer some local Vodka for sale. I am disappointed


I sent once vodka and all was good till dhl…
never again. Only bring that good clear stuff by my own :relieved:




Hey, is the Gt2B still for sale? How much would the shipping to to sweden?

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@DanielMedstortD Yes the gt2b is still available. Shipping to Sweden is 10$ tracked.

Sold. ill pm you

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the flipsky vescs are sold as well.
still some nice stuff available :wink:

Will bring all sold parts to the Post Office tomorrow.
If somebody still need something, now is your time :wink: