BLE Bluetooth receiver not connecting to Vesc tool and Xmatic

Hopefully someone can help me here.
I got a bkb duo that comes with the BLE receiver, today I was Adjusting some settings on my Vesc tool app and suddenly it disconnected, I tried to connect. No luck. I opened up the receiver and it shows a blue blinking light. On the Vesc tool app it says “cannot read Vesc firmware” something like that

Been having common problems with my duo and I really just want them all to stop…

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Which settings were you adjusting?

If you accidentally turn off UART then you need to use a USB cable to connect, and it will give these exact symptoms.

Also, the USB cable has to be a data/sync cable and not just a charge cable.

PPM throttle curve, unfortunately I don’t got a laptop near me since my only way into my Vesc was through the app. Looks like I’m screwed

You’re not screwed, you just might need to use USB and a computer.

Did you change the “App to Use” setting to “PPM”?

I’m not entirely sure sorry, so in conclusion I just need to find a desktop, plug it in and check if it’s turned on?

“PPM” is the setting that will kill the bluetooth, you want it on “PPM and UART”. But that also depends which remote you have and how it’s connected. UART must be on for the bluetooth to work.


wait this is a thing

i’ve always used random cables no idea if they are charge cables or not
what will happen if you attempt to use just a charge cable?

then u r only sending 5v into the usb port in the esc, but won’t have any data transmission. charge only cable is easy to identify, as they have less pins inside the connector itself (not the type A side, but micro / type c…side) usually charge only cable only contain 4 pins. here is the example of type c charge / data cable difference:

e: i couldn’t find any charge only micro usb cable, but u get the idea. it has less pin inside compare to data cable


Yup, was able to find and use a buddys laptop and yea it was in PPM and not PPM and UART, now my Bluetooth receiver works thank you so much!

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