Bldc mode makerx d100 overcurrent faults

Hi all

Just been having a go at setting up square wave with my d100. Using the same settings as I run in foc. 199 absolute 100 motor 60 battery -25 regen. Bldc detection appears to work fine and motors spin up fine off the ground. Just wants to throw overcurrent faults when I chop at the throttle or actually ride the board though.

12s5p, reacher 6375’s. What am I missing?

How are you doing BLDC detection?

Send screenshots of all the settings and note what firmware you are using

Which settings in particular? Using 5.3. I’m just tapping the 3 dots in the corner and yeah hitting bldc detection


you mean SC 100D?

he prob mean the FOC tab and the results of detection.

I assume you tried the motor wizard?

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D100 as in maker X sorry

I didn’t go back through the motor wizard again no. I thought it’s always going to go back to foc?

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I see now.

Whats the deal with VESCs, and Naming?
^Airplane food joke


I don’t get what you mean with going back to FOC. Normally I would do detection then switch from FOC to BLDC.

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Ah yeah, sorry I meant It defaults to foc. Is it actually necessary to do another wizard setup though? If it’s already been detected and running.

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no I asked if you did the wizard because you showed doing manual detection in your screenshot.

We always love yt videos of issues to help others see if they have similar issues.

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Have you tried running a lower motor current? 100a is right on the max rating for that controller

Yeah true, worth a try.

Have you tried FOC? Does it also not work?

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Yeah it runs fine in foc, just been wanting to try square wave for a while now


cause why not?

i’m gonna try to get it to work for the :sparkles: noise :sparkles:


That’s where you lose me lol I don’t see the value

I use FOC bc it’s smoother and can output more power overall

Haha I love the racket. Few guys down here in Australia swear by it and claim it’s more powerful than foc. I wasn’t able to test it because of the faults but I just noticed it spinning a few k’s faster on the bench

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