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BKB duo with battery upgrade.

Subject: [USA] description
I’m just testing out waters right now and I’m in no rush to sell. I got a BKB duo with a 10s6p battery. 2 10s3p batterys in parallel. I got 2 sets of wheels. Stock 97mm wheels and some TB110 thats still new. Some abec and kegel pulleys. 20T speed upgrade and 15T regular gearing. I also have the fast charger as well. And some belt guards from bkb which means you get 50% off belts from bkb for life. And comes with riptide bushings zealous bearings, etc. still on stock 4.20 plus esc with flipsky VX1 remote. I finally dialed it in so it can handle crazy power reliable on the Vesc. I spent around 1,500 on upgrades and the board it’s self and I’m looking for any offers. Hopefully above 1k. Board has under 600 miles on it. Flex 2 deck as well. Range I get in this is Around 30 miles regular riding and my top speed was around 37 mph. I never was able to full throttle it tho lol [US]

Item 1
Bkb duo:
Price (Taking offers anything above 1k. Might be high but I’m just testing the water):