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Bioboards Uranium for sale

Here you can se all info:

The perfect board if you want high performance but small!

Board used for around 500km
New 12s3p 30Q with 60A discharge bms(never used only tested)
Nano geardrive
Abec11 107mm superfly wheels
Focbox Unity
Metr module
TB218 trucks
2x6374 motors 220kv, 1 motor only used 20km
Vx1 remote
Bkb Tayto deck painted black
Eboosted enclosure DS
Riptide bushings
4A 12s charger

Price: 1200 USD, if you are in EU you have to add 25% vat on that price, if you are outside EU you dont pay vat but get it without battery (il add a new bms for it)


This is some top quality shit, and for a pretty reasonable price too.




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Price reduced to 1150 and free shipping!

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2 buyers did change their mind, still available

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Sold, can close


Sorry buddy, Board is sold!

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