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Bioboards Radium for sale

You can se specs here:

12s4p 30Q with 100A discharge bms
2x6374 220kv motors
Focbox Unity
3d servisas nano drive
tb218 Hangers
VX1 remote

1 motor have loose sensors but the board is working with it, if you add 60eur i can include a new motor, if you add 110eur i can install a new motor.

Comes with AT adapters and new bergmeister 5" tyres anr rims installed. Abec Adapters and used abec11 107mm superfly wheels included. The 5" Bergmeister gives wheelbite if you turn alot, so recommend to sand the board down a bit if you want to use AT tyres. Can install the street tyres if you prefer it delivered with it.
Enclosure got a damage on it, but its only aesthetically on the surface, there is no hole.

Price is 1500 EUR with both AT and street wheels.
If you are in EU add 25% vat on that price, if you are outside EU i will ship it without battery but with bms and you dont pay me any VAT.


Good luck with the sale.
50€ for installation of one motor is pretty steep.
How come you are selling?

:grimacing: only just realized it’s you bioboards selling it. I thought the vat payment mention was odd already. :joy:


Need money to make new boards for next year.
110eur for 1 6374 motor and install of it I find cheap.




I guess the board is sold already?

I have a brand new one for sale, if you are interested