Best Vesc Settings

So I just built my first build, and I’m running the following: Foc sensorless, 10s2p p42a battery, 4.12 maytech super esc 50a, single 6355 tb motor. I’m wondering if there is anything I can change the make my single drive run to its full potential but without overheating since I’m already getting the motor pretty hot. My settings now are:

Motor current max: 65 amps
Motor current max regen: -65 amps
Battery current max: 50 amps
Battery current max regen: -25 amps

Thanks in advance

drop that max battery current down to 40 amps. Your ESC will last longer. -25 regen on a single should be ok… i think.


Yeah, what LHB said.

There are no "best’ vesc settings. It’s all about optimizing for what you’ve got.

You’ve got way more battery and motor than you have vesc. Your vesc is almost certainly going to thermal throttle before you overheat the motor, and definitely before you get near the battery’s limits.

I’d say stick to maybe 25-35 battery amps and <50 motor amps with that vesc. Their 50A rating is a little optimistic, and I would also recommend running BLDC rather than FOC for added reliability.

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yeah i was going to say something about the motor amps but he’s on a single… i don’t know i have mixed emotions about that. you need super stiff brakes but you also have to be ready for torque steer on braking but you also have to stop… and you don’t want caps popping…

i’m way more concerned about the battery than the motor.


Go to FOC advanced tab

under decoupling set “DECOUPLING_NONE”.

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Yeah. But it’s also a single drive on a stock 4.12, so that ESC is gonna be pretty unhappy with all the load.


If you don’t mind me asking, what does this do?

Improves torque generation.

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Okay, so drop battery current to 40a, and the change it to bldc mode. Will bldc affect the behavior of my esc? I know that sometimes people have problems with running bldc on 4.12 vescs

Oh ok, awesome

true… but these are the maytechs that seem to behave unlike conventional garbage 4.12s. my gut says -55 on regen.

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No, they have problems running FOC on these ESCs. BLDC is safer.


Ohh ok, thanks

foc sensorless is hard to get right but it can be done. I don’t recall all the tricks but slightly increasing the startup boost helped. i know there are people here with tweaks for this. sensors are nice but they aren’t actually necessary.

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I’ve been running foc sensorless for a couple days now and it ran nice, but what do I know I’m new to this. Were you saying to drop motor regen to -55?

yeah if you are ok with how it feels, do it. it would be easier on the ESC.

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How does changing that setting affect the ride?

Unless you’re using HFI, I would change it to BLDC mode on a 4.12. If you’re using HFI then you have to use FOC, but otherwise I wouldn’t. You’ll get more power, more speed, and less failures in BLDC on a 4.12.

Also, this:


Okay, I changed it to bldc. Maybe, I should have named the title something else lol, I just wanna use my parts to their full potential without damaging them

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Basically motor amp limits effect low speed torque (how fast accelerating from 0 and how hard the brakes are) the most since will be kicking in more likely when accelerating from a stop you’re pulling the most motor amps, as the velocity or rpm of motor goes up so does the effective voltage applied to it and so more power starts to actually be drawn from the battery.

You can see especially looking at when I go from 0 velocity the motor amps are much higher than battery amps but as velocity goes up the motor and battery amps start to even out also there is a small delay in increase or decrease of motor amps before it starts pulling from or pushing more amps to the battery.

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