Best Esk8 forums

I’m just wondering other than this forum, esk8 builders forum, and all the Reddit forums etc. What are other forums that are active and worth checking out?

If you can speak French is active and generally pretty cool.


All of these forums have spawned from Endless sphere

They are no others atm that I know of


I only know a bit of french. Do they allow for english comments and posts or is it full on french only?

Yeah, I was trying to look for others but seems they are either ghost towns or rarely used.

I’m honestly surprised there’s not a dedicated Emtb site yet.


Isn’t there a pretty huge Korean esk8 forum

Historically ^^, after ES, there was E-Ride-Earth forum in France, more dedicated to e-AT ride, with some crazy off-road rider crew (you should follow their Instagram !!!),

but also open to r2r, diy, all type of category, market, event etc. and then finally okp made the great esk8fr. that just become like builder and here now !! (just discover it right now, I was waiting this since a long time !!)

They are a real mad throttle gang !!! They ride crazy build too :

But me too Skunk ! We have think about more than once with friends :wink:


The german equivalent is found here: Maybe you can take a look.:wink:



awesome thank you. :slight_smile:

There is a Dutch forum too. Belgians are there too. But the forum is not really very active. The Dutch and Belgian however are very active in the WhatsApp group.

Mostly we all get our info from the builders forum which is mostly why I think that forum is not that active.


This forum is also very active. The biggest thread(active) in this forum is actually the discussion about the law for plev in germany(we call it “Elektrokleinstfahrzeuge”- very odd own name).

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Maybe? Not sure. Good luck! :+1::wink:

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Thanks for all the references so far. I was starting to think I just sucked at searching for forums lol. I do wish there were more active forums. Even though most people use reddit and this forum for the most part. It’s always good to have more options and content to discuss. Thanks again.